Invia Liberty by Medela

About Aeroflow Negative Pressure Wound Therapy:
Invia Liberty by Medela

The innovative design of the Invia Liberty by Medela delivers excellent functionality with simple setup and easy operation. This negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) kit can be used both in the hospital and at home, making the transition easy for the patient. Therapy data can be checked on the machine or stored and uploaded to a computer for clinician review. Features of the Invia Liberty include one-touch canister release button, disposable 300ml and 800 ml size canisters, easy to read LCD screen for patient convenience, and double lumen tubing with integrated protection filter and tube clamp. Users appreciate the ease-of-use, quiet operation and compact size; the pump can even be transported discreetly in a bag, providing flexibility in NPWT treatment.

If you have been prescribed Negative Pressure Wound Therapy treatment, Aeroflow Healthcare is the provider for you. We are Medicare and Medicaid approved, and in-network with many private insurances to provide this equipment at little or no cost. CLICK HERE to qualify through insurance and determine your specific coverage.


Invia Liberty Factsheet
Invia Liberty Clinician Manual
Invia Liberty Patient Manual

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